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Jaga Herbs is a newly opened herbs and teas shop. The knowledge and tradition of brewing herbal infusions and teas have been taken from our grannies. The gained knowledge of how to prepare proper healthy and tasty recipes has long multi-generational traditions.

Moreover we are masters in preparing a good delicious tea or herbal brew for any occasion for example to enjoy tea ‘clock with your favourite cake, breakfast, or speed up your metabolism (digestion) after dinner, also boost your concentration or prepare for deep relax after a long busy day…
The creation of a new teahouse came from herbalism passion and love to the natural medical properties of many plants and their very own unique taste. Carefully selected ingredients are purchased from clients from Finland, Latvia, Poland and other countries. Our company cooperates with verified suppliers who hold the required quality certificates.

Our teas are real treasures of the nature. The selection of jaga herbs tea includes some of the finest teas in the world as well as classics of the tea world. From Jaga herbs you can also find some unique seasoned teas. In the Jaga herbs selection there are green and black teas, white teas, yellow teas as well as oolong teas. Also many different kind of herbal and fruit teas.

Jaga herbs belives, that all best comes from nature. Our products come only from best quality teas, herbs and fruits.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” -William Shakespeare-